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Development discontiuned

Because of my new job, I do not have time to continue developing this project. If you send me patches for this software, I will put them on-line, but I will not provide updates myself any more. If you want to ‘adopt’ this project, you are invited to do so. If you let me know, I will link to a new project page.


This free software library provides a kind of C++ ‘continued fractions toolkit’, with the following features :

libcff is only a very young library. A lot of improvements to code and documentation can and will be made.


This is alpha-software. This library is not ready to be used in any application!


System requirements

The library should work under every Linux or *BSD like system. But you might have to install some additional libraries.

libcff needs a library for multiprecision floating point arithmetic. Originally, libcff is written for MpIeee, but MpIeee isn't available for download yet. Meanwhile, libcff can be used in combination with libmplite. To install an libcff/libmplite combination, you need the following :

Important remarks for version 0.4

There are some important remarks concerning version 0.4:


A start of the documentation is available in pdf format.

Installation instructions

This library is installed the ‘standard GNU way’ :

  1. Unpack the archive
  2. cd to the libContinuedFraction-x.x directory, and run ‘./configure’.
  3. Run ‘make’ to build the library, and ‘make install’ to install it. (You might need ‘gmake’ instead of ‘make’ if you are running FreeBSD)

For more details about the installation and the problems which can arise : RTFM

Known bugs



For bugfixes, suggestions, questions, more information,... :

Copyright (c) 2003 Johan Vervloet.

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Modified: 27 September 2006

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